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HOW do I edit my profile? PDF Print E-mail

Where will I find my profile?
You will find your profile in the forum once you have registered to take a class.

Will I need to create a new profile for each class I take?
No! Yeah for technology! Once you have registered for your first class and created a profile your information will remain intact for each class you take!

I'm in the forum, now what?

  1. Click on your user name shown in red. 
  2. Select Edit in upper right hand corner of profile information.
  3. There are four tabs - User Account, Profile Information, Avatar Image and Forum Settings. Select the appropriate tab and fill in the data you would like for others to see.
  4. Guess what - this is so new to me I still haven't been able to figure out how to fill out all the data myself - LOL! SO if you can enter it all you are WAY ahead of me! We will continue to update this question as we work through these details :-D