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HOW do I enroll in class? PDF Print E-mail

There are two ways to enroll in a class:

Starting here on HOWnow:

  1. Register here as a user.
  2. On the blackboard above click on Classes.
  3. Here at HOWnow we will offer three different types of classes. Click the name of the class type you are interested in and you will find a complete class listing for that class type.
  4. Choose the course you would like to take and select "subscribe" to purchase your spot in the class.
  5. When you select subscribe it will take you to purchase your class at Ellen Hutson LLC. You can purchase the course on its' own or add it to a regular order.
  6. There is a small time delay between placing your order and receiving the code, due to this being a manual process.
  7. You will receive an email with your purchase code and a link to where you will enter that code. Your purchase code will be manually activated by our staff at Ellen Hutson LLC by 10am Monday-Friday Pacific Standard Time. If your code does not work, please wait until after 10am on a weekday and try again.
  8. After entering your code you will be enrolled in your course. Before class starts you will find a practice forum and gallery. Each day during class new content will be added.
  9. There is no class meeting time, so you are free to view the videos and read the course materials at your own pace.
  10. Class discussions will take place in a private forum moderated by your instructor.
  11. A gallery for sharing your work with the instructor and other students will be attached to your class.
  12. Prepare for your class by reviewing the supply list --- use supplies that you have on hand or purchase your supplies using the links we have provided to try to make things easier.

Starting at Ellen Hutson LLC:

  1. Purchase your class as you shop at Ellen Hutson LLC.
  2. Follow steps 6-12 above.