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HOW do I post to my classroom forum or message board? PDF Print E-mail

Each class will have its own forum/message board. The forum is the easiest place to communicate regarding your class. We encourage students to chat and discuss prior to class beginning, as well as post any questions they have; instructors will check in periodically to respond.  The easiest way to find the forum for your class is:

  1. Each class that you are registered for will be listed under My Classes at the top of the column in the right sidebar.
  2. Click on the class name.
  3. The name of that class will be displayed along with a link to the Forum, Gallery and Lessons for that class.
  4. Click on Forum and you will be at your destination! (much faster than flying or driving ;-D)
  5. Click on desired Topic to read other's questions and answers.
  6. Join in the fun by answering a question or asking a question.
  7. We appreciate your cooperation in providing a friendly, courteous and supportive atmosphere within our class forums